Fortiified wines $

30 NOVEMBER 1999 19:00
Address: Moskovskiy 79a
2500 rub

Do you know which wine was considered the greatest of them all in William Shakespeare’s times? Sherry! Jerez is a very old wine-producing region, which may lack some of the modern hype and glitz, but the connoisseurs are well aware of the fabulously original character sherry wines have. Their long history has resulted in a great variety of styles, brands and flavours. Even professional sommeliers can barely tell the difference between Amontillado and Palo Cortado, or the base for Pale Cream, Medium and Cream sherry wines. Only an expert from the Sherry Triangle can get you through all these nuances.

One of our co-founders, Nikolay Chashchinov,  is an accredited sherry specialist and will be happy to share his knowledge with you.

Confirm your participation not later than 2 days before the event.
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