Seminar in Nord American Wines.


Have you seen "Bottle Shock"? What about "Sideways"? If the answer’s yes, you must be interested in American wines. This seminar will take you through the history of wine-making in North America, its main wine regions and grape varieties, as well as popular Californian wine brands.

The seminar will take place on Tuesday, September, 26, at 19:00.

The  lecturer is Aleksandra Khudyakova, production Engineer in winemaking and brewing, expert in North American wines,  lecturer of wine scool "Millesime"

Seminar for anyone interested. Participation Fee: 2500 RUB. Our current students are entitled to a 50% discount. 

Please, enroll in advance! You can send us e-mail to, or call to +79110311608

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