10:30 Introductory session September - February students
10:30 Wine Production Pt.1
10:30 Wine Production Pt.2
10:30 International wine grapes

Milllesime is one of the leaders in wine education of Saint Petersburg.

Since 2010 we promote the wine culture in Russia and the alumni community of our is about 500 people now.

What is Millesime?

  • Independent school with original education approach
  • Authentic courses
  • Fine selection of samples for the tasting for each course
  • Permanent students performance evaluation
  • Convenient schedule for professionals and amateurs
  • Professional team of teachers
  • Unique atmosphere uniting wine culture, history and art

 In one word Millesime School is a lifestyle.


Seminars and Tastings

  • We also have various seminars in wine-related topics, available to anyone interested
  • The topics and the dates can be found in the corresponding section of our website
  • Acting students are eligible to a 50% discount


Location: 79а Moskovsky Prospekt

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